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“Hello! I came in on March 14th because I was a week passed my due date. Just wanted to let you know that My water broke just a few hours later and our baby boy was born the next day! Lin Liu had also provided treatments for both my husband and I while trying to conceive. We had been trying for a year and became pregnant just a couple of months after starting with Lin Liu. Thanks!” – M.R.

S. Gagne

“I have been a patient of Lin Liu for almost 7 years. She has provided excellent treatment to balance me hormonally, which helped me have two healthy babies. She also treated many musculoskeletal sports injuries I incurred. I have seen great results every time.” – S. G.

Y. Sun

“Eased my TMJ pain after just one visit! The staff are caring and knowledgeable, not just providing treatments and medication, but also made suggestions of lifestyle changes that will likely help dealing with the condition; a true holistic experience. The acupuncture and message therapy did what all over the counter pain-killers could not do (and I’ve tried them all); will definitely go back and recommend to anyone.” – Y. S.

C. B.

“Acupuncture was great and the staff were welcoming and friendly. I would highly recommend.” – C. B.

P. K.

“First visited several years ago because of acute neck and shoulder pain. Amazing success in a short time. I discovered they could help with an issue I had had for several years (at least ten years) which I had been going to a chiropractor to manage mobility and pain in my lower back and hip after injury. After a few months of treatment with Lin Liu, I have been pain-free without further treatment required by either her or a chiropractor.” – P. K.


“I was suffering from psoriasis for over 12 years, trying different methods to get rid of the skin disease. I changed my diet, tried medication, and lotions but most provided just temporary relief. Last year I decided to try acupuncture to heal psoriasis. I saw Lin Liu for a period of 6 months. She conducted acupuncture and provided me with supplementary and herbal pills to assist with the healing process. After 6 months my psoriasis was gone! I still take some of the herbal tea she recommended and a year after last seeing her psoriasis has not come back. Highly recommended!” – P. C.


“Lin Liu’s acupuncture is a miracle! I badly strained my L5 disc and had to lie on the hard floor for three days! I gave in, received acupuncture against my doubts, and feel 100% better. Miraculous! Highly recommended.” – Dave

R. C.

“After 24 hours in ER for extreme sciatic pain, I took a trip to Eastern Healing Centre to see if I could receive emergency care from Lin Liu. She was able to see me the same day. I struggled to get in the door with crutches and walked out an hour later carrying them in my hands. The Eastern Healing Center team is very knowledgeable and efficient, and I highly recommend them. Very, very helpful.” – R. C.

K. V.

“I have been going to Lin Liu for close to 3 months now. The knowledge and kindness extended to me is exemplary. The changes for my anxiety and sleep are so significant. Lin Liu and the complete staff have given me the feeling of caring, beyond the herbs that have made such a difference as acupuncture treatments. I am so grateful for the continuous care and thoughtfulness extended to me at every visit. My 1st recommendation, always, to anyone with health concerns. Thank you Lin Liu and staff!” – K.V.

Note: Names and photos of our clients have been changed to protect their privacy

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