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Acupuncture / Treatments

Know that it is okay to be nervous – many patients who come to us for the first time  feel that way. Always feel free to let us know how you are feeling and we will take  extra care to make you feel comfortable. We are confident we can provide a relaxing  experience for our first-time patients.

Generally, acupuncture should not cause pain. Most people find acupuncture to be  calming and relaxing – even if you have a fear of needles! Sometimes during  treatment you might feel a momentary sensation of heaviness or tension in the area  (like a light pinch). Or, you may feel a tingling similar to what you’d experience after  hitting your funny bone.

If you do feel discomfort, make sure you let your practitioner know so that they can  adjust anything necessary. Everybody is different, and your body is different each  time you come in – we want your treatment to be an enjoyable and relaxing  experience!

On your first visit, you will spend some time with your practitioners so that they can  assess you and create a unique treatment plan just for you. They will want to listen to  your concerns and build a plan of the specific details regarding your unique situation.  After the assessment is complete, a treatment plan will be explained on how they will  help to get you back to feeling good and back to your regular ventures.

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral, whether you are coming to see one of our  Acupuncturists or Registered Massage Therapists. If you are claiming the treatment  under an extended health care plan, it is possible that you may be required to get a  physician referral as a part of the coverage. Please check your policy to determine if  this would be the case, prior to your appointment.

Before coming in for your appointment, you can make sure to hydrate yourself well, and have a light meal or snack. Please be advised that it is a good idea to avoid large amounts of caffeine. Additionally, having an open mind will help you get the best possible results from your treatment.

We recommend that you wear clothing that is comfortable and stretchy – loose  enough to roll up sleeves and pat legs. We’ll provide everything else needed for the  treatment, but if you feel uncomfortable undressing in any capacity, you can let us  know. Your comfort is the most important to us.

You can take care of yourself after your appointment by staying warm, being gentle  with yourself, eating and drinking nourishing foods and fluids. You are welcome to  exercise after acupuncture and other treatments, however, we often recommend  taking it easy, and not scheduling anything too intense afterwards. This can help to lengthen the healing and immune modulating effects of acupuncture and help  feelings of relaxation and calm last longer.

The number of treatments you’ll need varies depending on the condition and  treatment method. Acute problems can be resolved in as little as one or two  treatments whereas chronic conditions may need a course of five or more treatments  to resolve the issue. We offer Acupuncture Packages which includes 10 sessions, plus  one free session (package includes 11 appointments in total)!

Yes, both acupuncture treatments and massages while pregnant are a safe way to  treat those aches and discomforts during pregnancy. Please let your massage  therapist/acupuncturist know before your appointment; this way they will be able to  accommodate your needs and make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Our highly trained registered massage therapists come with a vast amount of  experience and techniques to help achieve different results. We offer Swedish  Massage, Facial Massage (Gua Sha), Sports Massage and Acupressure Massage  (Chinese Massage). When you arrive for your appointment, your massage therapist  will want to assess you, which will include any preference you may be needing. Our  massage therapists are constantly in communication with you throughout your  treatment to make sure you are comfortable and that they are applying the correct  pressure, giving you the best experience suited for you.

Miscellaneous Questions

The best way is by calling our clinic. Please call 204-284-4047 to make an appointment with us today. Walk-Ins are also welcome!

We certainly do! Please refer to our “Prices” page for more detailed information.

Yes, we do offer direct billing for those with extended healthcare benefits. Direct billing makes payment convenient and easy, especially since we handle all the paperwork and technical details for you, so you don’t have to!

The coverage of treatment will depend on your plan. While some health plans will cover a precise amount, others will cover a percentage. If you have any concerns, check what your healthcare plan offers, or contact your company to seek out the details of your plan. We do offer direct billing also, making it very easy and convenient for you.

Yes, we offer virtual consultations. If you are not able to visit our clinic in person, for whatever reason, Lin Liu is available for virtual consultations via text message, phone, or Zoom. Please contact us and we will gladly assist you in setting up a consultation appointment.

Yes, there is parking available behind our clinic. If occupied, please park on any of the streets nearby us.

We politely ask that you give us a 24 hours’ notice, if you are planning to cancel or  postpone your appointment. Thank you so much for your understanding.

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