Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses variety of different tools and strategies to help you look and feel younger. The methods we use strongly invigorate circulation and movement in your skin and underlying tissue in order to regenerate your skin’s healthy function. Accumulation of tension in facial, jaw, scalp and neck muscles are the actual factors that lead to sagging, wrinkling, and dullness that many wrongly attribute to the inevitability of aging.

Woman receiving Gua Sha treatment

Our specialized acupuncture releases the tension in facial tissues that suffer the  persistent forces of stress, anxiety and worry – creating a smoother, brighter, uplifted  and sculpted appearance. The increase in circulation supplies you with a boost of  oxygen and nutrients that leave you glowing with health.

Benefits of cosmetic acupuncture include:

  • Softer, firmer skin
  • Reduction of deeper wrinkles
  • Possible elimination of finer wrinkles
  • Improvement in jowl lines

Besides providing visual improvements, cosmetic treatments can also improve overall  health, helping you to look and feel good from the inside out.

You may start to see improvements in:

  • Digestion
  • Quality of Sleep
  • Reduction in hot flashes
  • Mild depression & anxiety
  • Increased energy
  • Overall sense of well-being
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